Kids Cooking Camp ‘Week 2’

Monday, July 17th – Thursday, July 20th, 2023
9 AM – Noon

Kids Cooking Camp 'Week 2'


Kids Ages 8-16

Hey Kids it’s summer time – let your cooking adventure begin!
Cooking Techniques & Skills learned in a fun environment:
Beginning Knife Skills I Liquid & Dry Measuring I Following Recipes
Operating Kitchen Equipment I Kitchen Safety & Cleanliness
Learning Culinary Terms I Building Kitchen Confidence & Teamwork
Harvesting Herbs from our Cook’s Gardens

Monday, July 17th – Thursday, July 20th, 2023
9 AM – Noon
$295 per person, 4 class series


Monday, July 17th
Recipes include: SLOPPY JOES – originating in the 1930’s in Sioux City, Iowa, the creation of a cook named ‘Joe’!, we’ll mix our homemade sloppy Joe sauce with cooked ground beef, then serve on a bakery bun; HOMEMADE SLOPPY JOE SAUCE – a tomato based sauce with a hint of smokiness; WAFFLE MAC & CHEESE – we’ll cook a creamy cheese sauce, add cooked pasta then finish our macaroni and cheese in a waffle maker creating crispy, crusty edges with a gooey cheese middle!; ‘ICE CREAM’ CUPCAKES – ice cream cones filled with homemade white cake batter, once baked and cooled we’ll use a pastry bag fitted with a decorating star tip to frost our cupcakes with homemade chocolate icing, then finish with rainbow candy sprinkles.


Tuesday, July 18th
Recipes include: CLASSIC CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS – comfort food at its finest, sautéed tender white meat chicken, baby carrots, leeks, celery and fresh thyme are braised low and slow in a creamy chicken broth gravy, served with homemade drop biscuit dumplings!; HOMEMADE DUMPLINGS – baking powder dumplings are formed into a dough, then spoon dropped into the bubbling chicken broth forming pillows of dumpling deliciousness!; REVERSE ROOT BEER FLOAT – homemade root beer ice cream and Faygo cream soda float.


Wednesday, July 19th
Recipes include: NEW ORLEANS GUMBO – slow simmered Creole spice rubbed chicken and smoky andouille sausage in a thick dark Gumbo roux, cooked with chicken stock, bay leaves, sautéed bell peppers, sweet onions and celery, served with long grain rice garnished with filé powder and chopped onion chives from the Le Chat herb garden; GUMBO DARK ROUX – the secret to Gumbo is in the slow-cooked roux, learn to create a deep dark silky gumbo roux; LONG GRAIN RICE – we’ll cook our long grain rice in a rice cooker for perfectly steamed grains, finished fluffed with a fork; BEIGNET DOUGHNUTS – beignets are a staple of New Orleans food culture, with tourists making the trek to the famous Café de Monde, these yeast raised doughnuts are cut into squares then deep fried until golden and tossed in powdered sugar, each delicious warm bite results in a cloud of powdery sugar giving way to a crisp exterior and pillowy interior!


Thursday, July 20th
Recipes include: ST. LOUIS CHEESE PIZZA – a stone baked pizza with a crispy, cracker-like crust, topped with pizza sauce and Provel cheese, traditionally served cut into rectangles; ST. LOUIS PIZZA CRUST – a very thin cracker-like crust made with baking powder rather than yeast; PROVEL CHEESE – a combination of shredded white cheddar, smoked Swiss and provolone cheeses; CAESAR SALAD – chopped romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade Caesar dressing; ITALIAN SUMMER TIRAMISU – layers of ladyfinger cakes, summer strawberry sauce and vanilla bean whipped cream.

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