Kids Cooking Camp ‘Week 4’

Monday, August 1st – Thursday, August 4th
9 AM – Noon

Kids Cooking Camp 'Week 4'


Kids Ages 8-16
Hey Kids it’s summer time – let your cooking adventure begin!
Cooking Techniques & Skills learned in a fun environment:
Beginning Knife Skills I Liquid & Dry Measuring I Following Recipes
Operating Kitchen Equipment I Kitchen Safety & Cleanliness
Learning Culinary Terms I Building Kitchen Confidence & Teamwork
Harvesting Herbs from our Cook’s Gardens

Monday, August 1st – Thursday, August 4th, 2022
9 AM – Noon
$275 per person, 4 class series


Monday, August 1st
Recipes include: ITALIAN FETTUCCINI ALFREDO – handmade fettuccini pasta served with creamy alfredo cheese sauce; HOMEMADE FRESH PASTA – homemade fresh pasta dough is hand formed into fettuccini pasta using a pasta machine; ALFREDO SAUCE – a creamy parmesan cheese sauce made from a classic béchamel; ITALIAN SUMMER GARDEN ZUCCHINI CAKE with LEMON CRUNCH GLAZE – fresh baked loaf cake made with shredded summer zucchini, cinnamon and spices, finished with a drizzle of lemon glaze!


Tuesday, August 2nd
Recipes include: TIKKA MASALA – char grilled cubes of Indian spice marinated chicken sautéed with red onions, cardamom, garlic, cinnamon, diced tomatoes and garam masala spice mix, served with basmati rice; GARAM MASALA SPICE MIX – hand blended northern India garam masala made from rarer spices like mace, cumin, cardamom & cinnamon stick, whole spices toasted and then hand ground using a stone mortar and pestle; TIKKA MARINADE – we’ll marinade our chicken in a combination of yogurt, ground chile, paprika, minced garlic, lemon, fresh ginger, cilantro and our homemade garam masala spice mix; FROZEN MANGO YOGURT ICE CREAM – creamy frozen ice cream made with mango puree, lime juice and Greek yogurt.


Wednesday, August 3rd
Recipes include: IRISH SODA BREAD with RAISINS – a lovely Irish loaf of raisin bread; BRITISH CHOCOLATE CHIP SCONES – homemade scone bread dough with chocolate chips, finished with a drizzle of vanilla bean frosting glaze; WHOLE WHEAT BREAD – this moist, whole wheat quick bread is perfect warm from the oven with homemade butter; HOMEMADE BUTTER – you can’t have fresh baked bread without homemade butter!


Thursday, August 4th
Recipes include: STEAK FAJITAS – outdoor char grilled fajita spice rubbed steak, served with roasted tomatillo salsa verde and homemade flour tortillas; FAJITA SPICE MIX – we’ll use a stone pestle and mortar to crush and create our own fajita spice mix; TOMATILLO SALSA VERDE – oven roasted tomatillos, garlic and jalapeno pepper salsa with cumin; HOMEMADE FLOUR TORTILLAS – hand rolled flour tortillas cooked in a non-stick grill pan; MEXICAN STREET CORN SALAD – summer corn on the cob cooked in the husk, then the kernels are cut from the cobs and combined with homemade creamy avocado mayo, lime juice, queso fresco cheese and fresh cilantro.

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