Kids Cooking Camp ‘Week 1’

Monday, July 8th – Thursday, July 11th, 2024
9 AM – Noon

Kids Cooking Camp 'Week 1'


Kids Ages 8-16

Hey Kids it’s summer time – let your cooking adventure begin!
Cooking Techniques & Skills learned in a fun environment:
Beginning Knife Skills I Liquid & Dry Measuring I Following Recipes
Operating Kitchen Equipment I Kitchen Safety & Cleanliness
Learning Culinary Terms I Building Kitchen Confidence & Teamwork
Harvesting Herbs from our Cook’s Gardens

Monday, July 8th – Thursday, July 11th, 2024
9 AM – Noon
$295 per person, 4 class series


Monday, July 8th
Recipes include: GRILLED PORK CHOPS – thick-cut pork chops marinated in a fresh herb brine, then char grilled; FRESH HERB BRINE – 20% or more of a meat’s moisture can be lost in cooking, thus we’ll brine our pork chops for optimum tenderness and juiciness while enhancing flavor with the addition of fresh herbs; MASHED POTATOES – creamy mashed potatoes served with gravy; GRAVY with THYME – we’ll add fresh thyme to our chicken stock, reduce to our desired flavor then whisk in a roux; ROUX – a classic thickener for sauces made with melted butter and flour; SUMMER LEMONADE with MINT – homemade lemonade muddled with fresh mint.


Tuesday, July 9th
Recipes include: SUMMER CUT-OUT SUGAR COOKIES – fresh baked hand cut-out sugar cookies into fun summertime shapes, frosted with royal icing and finished with colorful candy sprinkles; ROYAL ICING – the perfect icing for artistically decorating cookies, it sets quickly and tastes delicious, made with meringue powder and powdered sugar; THE ULTIMATE BANANA BREAD – you have never had banana bread like this, we’re taking a classic to an entirely new level!, we’ll start by baking the bananas in a sugar crust bringing out optimum flavor and caramel yumminess, finished with a drizzle of vanilla bean glaze; SUGAR ROASTED BANANA – we’ll bake bananas under a sugar crust, then use a mallet to crack open!

AMERICAN ITALIAN ‘Chicken Alfredo’

Wednesday, July 10th
Recipes include: CHICKEN ALFREDO – this is the class you asked for!, char grilled chicken with alfredo pasta and garlic bread; ITALIAN SEMOLINA FRESH PASTA DOUGH – a handmade fresh Italian pasta dough made with semolina flour; BOW TIE PASTA ‘Farfalle’ – farfalle pasta dates back to the 1500s, originating in Northern Italy, farfalle which means ‘butterfly’ in Italian are hand cut rectangular shapes of pasta that are pinched in the middle, typically served with a creamy cheese sauce; ALFREDO SAUCE – a creamy parmesan cheese sauce; GARLIC BREAD – oven baked crusty Italian bread smeared with homemade garlic butter.


Thursday, July 11th
Recipes include: MICHIGAN CONEY DOGS – Coney dogs originated in Jackson, Michigan!, we’ll char grill Michigan Koegel hotdogs then smother them in our homemade Coney sauce, finish your coney dog with choice of toppings…shredded cheddar cheese, diced onions and the perfect zig zag of mustard!; HOMEMADE CONEY SAUCE – sautéed ground beef with tomato sauce and a spice combination for the ultimate Coney sauce!; JUMBO ONION RINGS – crispy golden batter coated onion rings; MISSISSIPPI CHOCOLATE SHEET CAKE – fresh baked chocolate sheet cake topped with chocolate marshmallow swirl frosting.

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