Sunday, March 3rd
10 AM – 3 PM



Chocolate I Lemon I Raspberry I Salted Caramel I Cheddar
Spend an informative day in the Le Chat Gourmet kitchen with Chef Vincent,
perfecting proper techniques for blending the batter and creating
stunning domed and footed French almond macarons.

Sunday, March 3rd
10 AM – 3 PM

Skills & Techniques:
Making Classic French Meringue Macarons
Creating the ‘infamous feet’ I Coloring Macaron Shells
Macaronage (yes there is such a technique, the key to success!)
Using a Pastry Bag and Decorating Tips I Making French Buttercream
Le Chat’s recipe is the real deal from France, thus ingredients
are weighed in grams for precise measurement using a food scale

Recipes include:

– introduced in France by the Italian chef of
Queen Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance,
French macarons are delicate sandwich cookies
with a crisp exterior and nougat-like, chewy interior

– each individual cookie is known as a macaron shell,
formed by ‘macaronage’, properly whipped egg whites,
fine almond flour, confectioners’ sugar and food coloring are
worked until the batter is smooth, shiny and flowing like honey.
The macaron batter is then piped into discs on silicone
lined baking trays using a pastry bag with decorating tip

– rich and creamy, French buttercream has a taste
and consistency similar to custard or pastry cream,
made using unsalted butter, pasteurized eggs,
sifted powdered sugar and choice of flavor

– chocolate macaron shells topped with cocoa dust,
filled with dark chocolate French buttercream

– yellow macaron shells scattered with poppy seeds,
filled with lemon French buttercream

– pink macaron shells
filled with raspberry French buttercream

– blue macaron shells topped with sea salt flakes,
filled with caramel French buttercream

TOMATO SOUP ‘Lunch is Served!’
– homemade tomato soup, one of life’s perfect comfort foods,
served with savory cheddar cheese macarons,
move over saltine crackers there’s a new sheriff in town!

– yes, you read that correct!, we’re making delicious savoring
mararons to accompany our tomato soup for lunch!,
cheddar macaron shells with a creamy cheese filling!!

$145 per person

Note: Bring a container to take home the extra macarons!

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Kids Cooking Camp ‘Week 4’

Monday, July 29th – Thursday, August 1st, 2024
9 AM – Noon

Kids Cooking Camp 'Week 4'


Kids Ages 8-16

Hey Kids it’s summer time – let your cooking adventure begin!
Cooking Techniques & Skills learned in a fun environment:
Beginning Knife Skills I Liquid & Dry Measuring I Following Recipes
Operating Kitchen Equipment I Kitchen Safety & Cleanliness
Learning Culinary Terms I Building Kitchen Confidence & Teamwork
Harvesting Herbs from our Cook’s Gardens

Monday, July 29th – Thursday, August 1st, 2024
9 AM – Noon
$295 per person, 4 class series


Monday, July 29th
Recipes include: LOADED TACO NACHOS – homemade corn tortilla chips topped with shredded cheddar jack cheese and sautéed ground beef with our hand blended taco seasoning, finished loaded with your choice of toppings!; CORN TORTILLA CHIPS – we’ll make our own tortilla chips by hand-cutting corn tortillas then flash frying them until crispy; HOMEMADE TACO SEASONING – hand blended taco spice combination of cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and chili powder; LOADED NACHO TOPPINGS – build your own nachos with your choice of chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream and salsa; ICE CREAM CAKE – fresh baked Swiss roll cake filled with ice cream, then rolled into a spiral.


Tuesday, July 30th
Recipes include: SUMMER RAMEN – ramen with homemade ginger garlic chicken broth, served with shredded chicken, ramen noodles, sweet corn and fresh chives harvest from Le Chat’s herb garden; HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK – a flavorful slow simmered stock made with a whole chicken, carrots, celery and onions creating a depth of flavor; GINGER GARLIC BROTH – homemade chicken stock infused with fresh ginger, lemongrass and garlic; MINI LIME CHEESECAKES – graham cracker butter crust topped with creamy vanilla bean cheesecake filling, served topped with homemade lime fruit curd.

FRANCE ‘French Pastries’

Wednesday, July 31st
Recipes include: CHOCOLATE CRÈME PUFFS – classic French pate choux pastry dough hand piped using a pastry bag and decorating tip, served filled with ice cream and homemade hot fudge sauce!; FRENCH PATE CHOUX PASTRY – hand piped crème puff choux pastry is a delicate French pastry dough with a soft, light, airy center and golden, crisp exterior; HOT FUDGE SAUCE – warm hot fudge sauce made from European chocolate; CRÈME HORN PASTRIES – oven baked puff pastry horns filled with homemade vanilla Chantilly whipped crème, dusted with powdered sugar.

ITALY ‘Calzone Pizza’

Thursday, August 1st
Recipes include: ITALIAN CALZONE PIZZA – oven baked individual calzone pizzas, homemade calzone dough filled with pizza sauce, ham and Italian cheeses; CALZONE DOUGH – yeast raised calzone dough made with bread flour; HOMEMADE PIZZA SAUCE – homemade tomato pizza sauce with Italian herbs; SUMMER CHOPPED ITALIAN SALAD – chopped romaine lettuce tossed with our homemade Italian dressing, personalize your salad with choice of toppings choose from cucumber moons, grape tomato halves, sliced red onion and chickpeas; ITALIAN DRESSING with PARMESAN – a creamy homemade Italian style dressing with shredded parmesan cheese; ITALIAN LEMON SORBET – refreshing lemon sorbet, the perfect finish to your Italian lunch!


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Lavender I Truffles I Wine I French Cuisine I Art I History
Imagine yourself staying in a 19th century stone farmhouse in the south of France.
Join Le Chat Gourmet & Chef Denene Vincent on this unforgettable culinary tour
in Provence – from lavender fields, private Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine tastings to
truffle hunting in the Luberon, our vacations are designed to immerse you in local history,
culture, art, wine and cuisine through daily excursions to nearby historical
sites, vineyards, artisan markets & hands-on cooking class creating regional
cuisine with seasonal ingredients – savouring all things Provence.
Small group size, maximum 8 persons!

SOLD OUT! Openings! Saturday June 1st – Friday June 7th, 2024
SOLD OUT! Saturday June 8th – Friday June 14th, 2024
4 Openings! Saturday June 15th – Friday June 21st, 2024

Accepting waitlist for Week 1 & 2

$3,995.00 per person, based on double occupany
(We often have single persons look for a travel partner – please inquire)

Join us for an adventure in Provence!
To reserve your spot or for additional information,
Call: 517.663.7322 or Email:[email protected]

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