THE NEW LE CHAT, WHAT TO EXPECT ‘Updated November 1st, 2021’
With classes in full swing there are some important guidelines
like to inform you of to maintain our health and safety standards.
The kitchen layout has changed, however our teaching format remains the same,
working on each recipe as a group, ‘hands-on’, in a fun-filled environment!

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class’s denoted start time.
Parking attendants Michael (and Sebastian) will greet you upon arrival.

Masks are still required ‘inside’ at Le Chat Gourmet.
At the current date, educational facilities are highly recommended
to require face masks, as are food preparation establishments.
(MDHAA, CDC and Restaurant Association)
As guidelines or new epidemic orders become available,
we will revisit our current mask policy.
“In the meantime, stay safe and happy fall!” – Chef Denene Vincent

Masks may be removed in the dining room when eating and drinking.
Keep your mask on when waiting for food, going to the restroom and leaving the dining room.
A second dining room has been opened adjacent to our main dining room.
Five additional dining tables have been added for social distancing 3 feet plus apart.
For those preferring to take your delicious dishes home, we will have to-go boxes.

CELL PHONE for photos, but hands must be washed after usage.
OUTSIDE BEVERAGES are now permitted but must be placed in the dining room for drinking.
Complimentary bottled water will be available for dining.

LE CHAT EXTRAS, always going the extra for our guests
There are so very many new additions; here are a few highlights…
HAND SINK: Has been updated to a foot pedal ‘no touch’.
AIR PURIFIER: New ‘Medical Grade’ air purifier with HEPA Filter.
DINING TABLES: Five new tables added, plus Plexiglass Guards if needed.
PREP TABLES: Four new stainless steel tables added.
HAND SANITIZER: A No Touch Hand Sanitation Station Stand
with Automatic Dispenser has been added.

“I look forward to you joining me in the kitchen!”
Chef Denene Vincent

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